vverevvolf (stylized as such, but pronounced simply as “werewolf”) is a synth pop duo from Berkeley, California, consisting of lead singer Kelsey LaRae and singer/songwriter/producer Dylan Gallagher. 

Offering high quality pop songwriting, licensable production and powerful live performances, the duo draws inspiration from '80s horror iconography, bubblegum pop, and shitty exes. 

After meeting in 2013 in an uninspiring music performance class, the pair quickly decided to capitalize on their shared creativity and pursue a pure, original pop oriented project. As of now, they have finished recording their debut EP "Electric Blue", collaborating on the production with Akiyoshi Ehara of The Seshen (Tru Thoughts)

'Cruel Games' is the latest single from Californian synth pop duo, vverevvolf. The new single explores the idea of failure - in love and life alike - and finds the duo asking whether it's possible to truly succeed on somebody else's terms.

 Immediately invigorating, the bright synths and extensive rhythmic layers provide stimulating instrumental texture. Singing together in octave unison, the pair has quite an amazing combined vocal tone. 

The fact that such a massive sound is coming from only two souls is astounding, the track feeling like an astronomical production throughout. We await the next release from the harmonious pop twosome, vverevvolf.